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How does DIY Beauty Kit work ?

Our machine gives the opportunity to create personalised face masks by adding different ingredients to it and mixing them with the collagen pills, which helps the mask to get that jelly formula. For more information on how to use it, check DIY Beauty Kit page.

Is it safe ?

DIY Beauty Kit is safe to be used. We recommend to be careful of steam Burns! Don’t steam your face for longer than 9min and do not get too close to the hot water. The heat can cause inflammation if the exposure is too high. Please open the spray lid only after the machine has cooled down.

How long takes the process of creating a mask ?

Usually it can take from 10 to 15min (depending on what ingredients you are adding). Once the ingredients have been poured into the machine, it takes 5min to warm,mix and pour the solution into the tray. Let it cool for 10min and it is ready to be applied on the skin.


What are the main ingredients of the Collagen Pills ?

The main ingredients of our Collagen Pills are Collagen,Algae and Hydrolized DNA. All ingredients are Vegan and sourced naturally. Check Collagen Pills page for more information about the benefits of these ingredients.

Do you have to use a specific Collagen Pill?

We recommend to use our Collagen Pills, as they have been specially created by Dreamish Skin for DIY Beauty Kit.

Does it work for all skin types ?

Our DIY Beauty KIT is suitable for all skin types.

Do I need to wash DIY Beauty Kit before steaming ?

Yes. It should be washed after every use. For a better experience, the device should be clean when using the steamer. Check the User Guide on step by step cleaning process.

How and when to wash the DIY Beauty Kit ?

It should be washed and cleaned with a brush after every use.

Can I make a mask and in the same time to steam ?

For better results, we suggest to firstly create the mask and while it is cooling down, to use the steamer. As this process prepares your skin for the face mask.

How often should I steam?

There are many ways you can use DIY Beauty Kit. You can incorporate into your daily routine for 5 minutes. Or use for up to 9 minutes, 2-3 times a week for a deeper cleanse and extraction.

When should I steam?

We recommend using it in the evening so you can let your favourite skincare products soak in overnight. 

We also love using it when our skin is feeling dry and tight after a long-haul flight, along with a rehydrating face mask. 

Is steaming suitable for all skin types?

No. Facial steaming is perfect for those of you with acne-prone skin or stubborn blackheads. It is not recommended if you have rosacea or melasma the heat can cause dilation of your blood vessels and inflammation.

If you have dry skin or eczema we only recommend steaming for up to 5 minutes at a time, to make sure not all the natural oils are stripped from your skin.


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