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How to Use

Steamer Process
      1.Pour 100ml of water (preferable hot water)
      2.Screw on the spray lid
      3.Press the “Steam” button - it will start flashing and wait 2min for it to warm the water
      4.Once you see the vapour, let the steam fall over your face
      5.After 9min the steam will cool down and the steamer will stop automatically

Caution: Be careful of steam Burns! Don’t steam your face for longer than 9min and do not get too close to the hot water. The heat can cause inflammation if the exposure is too high. Please open the spray lid only after the machine has cooled down.
Face Mask Process

For 1st Face Mask we recommend to use Water and Milk (milk alternative), this should help you understand what should be the consistency of the liquid poured into the device.
      1.Pour 60-70ml of cold water
      2.Pour 20-30ml of fruit juice or vegetable juice

IMPORTANT : Do NOT add the the fruit/veggie into the device.
Use only the juice without bits or purée of the fruit/veggie.

      3.Add 1 Collagen Pill 
      4.Press the “Mask” button - it will start flashing and wait 5min for the mask to be mixed and poured into the tray
      5.Let it cool for 10min and cut the edges with the mini spatula provided in the kit
      6.Pick up the mask gently with 2 hands

      Face Mask Maker

      7.Apply the face mask to your face for 10-15min

Rinse Process
      1.Pour 100ml of water 

      2.Use a brush to clean the inside of the device
      3.Long-press the “Mask” button (for 5s). When both buttons will start flashing it means that the cleaning process has started
      4.Make sure the mask tray is set up under the machine when water outflows

      5.With the mini brush included in the kit, clean the bottom side of the machine

If you want to make more masks straight away we recommend to use option “rinse” after each mask. If you make only one mask, we strictly recommend to wash the device with a brush straight away after you have used the machine.

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